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Wishing for Anonymity

For most of the country the issue of the Duke University Lacrosse players accused of raping an exotic dancer has come to a close.  The North Carolina Attorney General cleared the three men of all charges.  There is resolution and that’s what we seem to love, the ability to have a story that concludes with the simple phrase “the end”.  Unfortunately it’s not the end for these three young men, in fact it’s really only the beginning.

 I frequently advocate having a voice and being noticed, but I’m sure these men would rather disappear into the fabric of their community not standing out at all.  I wonder if it will ever be possible in our age of technology for these men to ever get over their unfortunate kinship with this tragedy.  Whenever someone Google’s their names the headlines that ran for over a year will pop up and the men will have to relive the moment.

It’s obvious from the press conference that at the beginning of their pilgrimage they need to be very vocal about the pain they’re in and the toll this has taken on their lives.  It’s clear that these individual’s threshold for pain has increased and my hope is that with the support of their families they will be resilient.

The journey that ends for most of the country is really only the beginning for these three men who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It’s odd to think that anonymity might be welcomed, how will they regain their reputations and become seen in a different light?

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