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More Isn’t Always Better

I recently attended the Sacred Activism conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, sponsored by Wisdom University.  It was a great experience and there were lots of organizations exhibiting about how they are making a difference in the world.  One of the booths was for a magazine “Authentic Living”.

I decided to put my name in the hat for the drawing.  The prize would be a book which I love.  Can never have too many books!  Fortunately I was one of the winners.  The book I won is one I already had and instead of asking to exchange it I was gracious for the offering but now I have two of the books.

 I can’t explain why I would say something.  I can’t explain why I felt that the gift in and of itself prevented me from speaking up especially since I was the first of four to claim my prize.  It really is a mystery to me and one that concerns me because if I give up my voice here…where else do I give up my voice.

As pilgrims we need to be able to have accept gifts and be gracious but not if it leads to self-sacrifice.  I’m grateful for the gift, just wish I would have asked for one of the books I didn’t have; but now I know and next time I’ll do better!

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