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The Sweetest Sound on Earth

Our voice is one of the most powerful sources of energy on the planet.  It’s not only a means of communicating with others, but a way to leave your mark on the world.  Your voice is one of the most unique qualities your possess that differentiates you from every other person in the world.  One of the amazing things about your voice is that it’s your choice as to how your voice is used.

Remember, your voice can be used for healing as well as harming so gaining conscious control is crucial because it’s a tool that doesn’t come with operating instructions.  We’re born with a voice and without consciousness it is an energy force that impacts others, supports others, enlightens others and allows for us to share with one another.

Every time we speak, we make an entry in the universal catalog of communication.  If you knew everything you said was being cataloged would it make a difference in what you say or how you say it?  It would hold you accountable for your views, thoughts and ideas.  It would require that you be responsible for everything you say.  That is an enormous responsibility that many are not ready to hold in their hearts.

Our voice keeps us from being anonymous.  Every utterance in the presence of others will have an impact and will often result in acknowledgment of the communication.  Anonymity is the conscious decision to either abandon the rights and privilege of the voice or when it’s underutilized we short circuit what’s trying to unfold.

Our voice is equal to our presence whether in a room full of others or when we take a stand where the energy from our voice stands in for us when we can’t physically be present.  This is why your voice is so powerful, it can be in multiple places at the same time.  Think of quotes that you’re fond of; the person isn’t present and yet their voice is heard loud and clear.  One of the reasons it’s powerful is because the tone and the message are consistent with the person’s personal philosophy, standing in the community and presence both personally and professionally. 

Think about the people you admire in both your personal and professional circles.  What is it that you admire?  Is it a gift or talent?  Whatever it is you wouldn’t connect to it if they didn’t share their voice with you and not one time, but on a regular basis so their voice is reinforced in your consciousness.

Think about your voice and how you can use it to impact the world?  What do you want others to know about you or your health?  What do you want others to understand in the political arena so more funding is given for research and treatment of illness.  The media says that for every e-mail or letter they receive it represents 10,000 voices.  Can you imagine the impact you can have if that’s the case…every time your vocalize your beliefs your represent a group that is part of your constituency…that’s why it’s a responsibility; one I hope you take seriously and will use to it’s full potential.


I've lived my life in service to others. I'm focused on mental health and how it impacts our relationships, culture, and society. Through creative expression and narrative I believe we can impact change.

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