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The Karate Kid and Your Health

Iconic movies achieve that status when they have lessons that are timeless.  I’m sure most of the public considers “The Karate Kid” a good movie and are probably amused by all the stunts the teacher made the young student undertake, but the message is much deeper.  The teacher was providing the student with skills that would be available whenever called upon.  The student would be building an arsenal of strategies and knowledge that would eventually lead to success.

 Many of us while we’re well go along and learn things here and there.  My experience with many clients is that once they receive a diagnosis they hit the library, the web, the bookstores and the workshop series looking for the answers.  Yes, these resources will help, but cramming didn’t work so well in college and it won’t be as effective now.  As we’re moving along our personal pilgrimage it’s important to continue learning new strategies even if the lesson is not applicable right now. 

We can’t predict what will happen during treatment or following treatment if that’s an option.  We can’t predict with certainty the course of our illness so we can’t plan for the strategies we’ll need to help us improve our health.  We aren’t clairvoyant (at least not most of us) so we can’t zero in on the lesson that will be tailored to our health.  For these reasons engaging in an ongoing path of continuous learning is crucial. 

What do we need to learn?  We need to learn lessons that will improve our physical, emotional and spiritual health.  You get to determine what fills that bill but find the lessons.  Don’t wait for a crisis to begin looking for answers to improving your health.  Don’t need the lessons to take hold the moment you learn them without acquiring some level of mastery because all you’re doing is short changing yourself.

Keep an open mind and follow your heart.  No one knows better than you what will improve your health and your outlook on your health.  Ask others for resources, meditate, engage in creative activities to unleash negative energy and promote self-expression.  Keep learning and when you need the lessons they will be at your beck and call and full of potential.


I've lived my life in service to others. I'm focused on mental health and how it impacts our relationships, culture, and society. Through creative expression and narrative I believe we can impact change.

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