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The Impact of Vitamin D On Breast Cancer

I listen to a lot of news programs and interview shows.  I was astounded to hear the findings from the study based out of the University of Toronto.  The study looked at the impact Vitamin D has on women who are facing breast cancer.  The outcome results are amazing and what is surprising me the most is after that first day I haven’t heard anything since.

The study examined Vitamin D levels in women diagnosed with breast cancer.  It found that women who were Vitamin D deficient had serious threats to their health and the outcome of their treatment.  In women who were Vitamin D deficient 93% were more likely to have the cancer spread.  The results become more shocking…74% of breast cancer patients who were Vitamin D deficient were more likely to die.

Now that we know how come this isn’t a huge public health campaign to get the word out to these women?  With this kind of outcome study I can’t believe women aren’t taking to the streets demanding more research and new protocols be developed taking into account the impact Vitamin D has on the immune system.

Working with those facing life-altering health problems for over twenty years I’m disappointed that this news was put on the back burner.  Aside from women sitting in the sun to get Vitamin D naturally what else can be done?  Are there infusions?  Breast cancer patients are already receiving infusions, would one more be so bad, especially if it prevented metastasis or death?

What will you do to check your own Vitamin D levels?  You can see if you have sufficient Vitamin D long before when and if you’ll ever be diagnosed with breast cancer.  Don’t you want to give yourself every possible advantage?


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2 thoughts on “The Impact of Vitamin D On Breast Cancer

  1. I found a blog post that makes an interesting argument that some of the studies showing lower Vit. D linked to increased mortality in osteoporosis and autoimmune disease are showing an effect of infection and Vit. D receptor disregulation rather than simple deficiency.

    You won’t find any actual research that shows vitamin D + calcium increases bone density above calcium alone, though some people
    still assert that conclusion. Vitamin D raises blood levels of calcium, yes. But not bone density.

    Many people with low 25D have high 1,25D which is a product of 25D
    That argues against deficiency in some cases. And in favor of infection + occasionally dysregulation of the Vitamin D Receptor resulting in overproduction of
    1,25D from 25D (which leads to low levels of 25D, which appears like deficiency)

    They say high levels of 25D deactivates the Vitamin D receptor based on molecular modeling, though. That part I question. How much D3 supplementation does it take to maximize cathelidicin production?
    I cannot find a direct answer to that question, and it should be simple.

    Similarly Vit. D3 isn’t the only thing that we get from sunlight.


    1) Helps break down bilirubin, a somewhat toxic breakdown product of hemoglobin.
    2) Helps (not just through the eyes, but through the skin) keep your 24-hour rhythms in sync – so you’re tired at night, not during the day.
    3) Helps avoid seasonal depression.

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