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Is Vitamin D at the Root of All our Problems?

A few months ago I wrote about the impact of Vitamin D deficiency on breast cancer patients.  As I’ve continued my research I’m finding that it’s not just breast cancer but a host of illnesses that are at the mercy of Vitamin D.  I began looking for more clues when it was announced that the pediatric community was recommending doubling a child’s Vitamin D intake for healthy growth.  In order for a child to double their Vitamin D intake it will require supplements.

So what have I learned since this announcement?  The Archives of Neurology reported a study that compared Parkinson’s patients, Alzheimer’s patients and healthy patients on the Vitamin D continuum.  The study reports that Parkinson’s patients had the lowest levels of Vitamin D.  Obviously this will require more study, but this is the kind of information that gives researchers a clearer picture of what’s happening inside the body and what could potentially change the course of a disease.

If that’s not enough let’s move on the next disease and the Vitamin D connection.  Many children with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) have a Vitamin D deficiency.  This is the case even though they are receiving restorative Vitamin D doses and yet they are still below adequate levels of Vitamin D.  What impact is this deficiency having on treatment and on quality of life, not to mention mortality rates?

Are more diseases look at the connection between Vitamin D and illness and consistently finding that we are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency, wouldn’t you begin to make checking Vitamin D levels a priority?  What other diseases are worsened or putting patients at treatment disadvantages because they are Vitamin D deficient?

Are you willing to talk to your doctor about your Vitamin D levels?  Could it improve your health?  Put it on your list of questions for your next doctor’s appointment…let’s keep ahead of the curve.


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One thought on “Is Vitamin D at the Root of All our Problems?

  1. My doctor checked my Vitamin D levels about six months ago because I’m really photosensitive and have an autoimmune disease. He recommended putting me on 1,000 IU Vitamin D3 daily. Slowly, my levels are improving, which for me, is a big deal!

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