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Crossing the Barrier

I have a habit but one of the most productive is keeping those things that inspire me in a notebook so I can refer to them frequently and easily.  Sometimes I catch myself scrambling for a pen to write down the line from a TV show, commercial or interview, but whatever it is it speaks to me deeply.  I’ve set up my house so that I have a pad of post-it notes all over the place so that I’m ready to go at a moments notice.  One of those moments happened to me this morning and it posed a great question that I hope you’ll consider.

During my morning rituals I have the television going in the background and every so often I hear something and I stop in my tracks.  The movie on television was the Greg Louganis story.  It was a memoir movie that ended with the publishing of his book.  At the end of the movie he makes a statement about jumping off the platform and once he crossed the barrier of the water he entered a place of extreme quiet.  A place of peace that only can be known by someone who dives and makes the crossing from a loud and noisy facility to the sudden experience of void.  It’s the crossing of the plane of the water that transported him to a place deep in his soul.  It provided a few moments of spiritual respite from the crazy world we all live in.  Recognizing this place of peace allowed him to be conscious of this experience each and every time he did a dive.  He had the capacity to recreate this experience whenever he desired that sacred space.

What barrier do you cross to enter that place of solemn quiet and peace?  Are you able to create that experience at will?  How often do you enter that space?  Do you notice a difference in your emotional and spiritual state between the before and after of crossing that personal barrier?  I hope you’ll consider these questions because having the capacity and stamina to create this space is a healing experience.  When facing a health challenge we all need those spaces of emptiness to experience to enormity of the universe.


I've lived my life in service to others. I'm focused on mental health and how it impacts our relationships, culture, and society. Through creative expression and narrative I believe we can impact change.

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