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Credit Where Credit is Due

Make no mistake, following your diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening illness initially puts you on the defensive.  You are taken by surprise, ambushed if you will, and expected to respond with courage and civility right out of the gate.  You are initiated into a new world order, specifically designed for you.  There are a host of new rules and regulations that will guide your journey to wellness.  Do you give yourself credit for taking on this challenge with determination and might?

It’s not about whether you are responding to the treatment; it’s about how you accept the health challenge.  When confronted by such an enormous change in your life you could go kicking and screaming.  Even if you started that way you probably found that becoming a partner with your provider got you further than throwing tantrums; unless you didn’t feel heard.  Having the internal capacity to assimilate these new daily activities means you’ve had a mind shift.  You are taking responsibility for your actions, not the outcome…That’s Huge!  You can negotiate with your body to accept the treatment and make the most of what’s being offered, but the mind and the spirit need credit for cheerleading and serving as a catalyst for health.

When you were a kid you may have gotten gold stars for doing something good.  This is your gold star.   There’s a difference between doing something good and doing something right.  When doing good and doing right collide the outcomes can be huge.  Creating a synergistic experience provides you with new opportunities for growth and wellness.  Giving yourself credit punctuates your commitment to your health.  It’s a sign to your friends and family that you take your health seriously instead of taking it for granted.  You become a role model, even to those who are healthy about the importance of being involved in your own wellness.

This isn’t about receiving a grade from your providers or even from yourself.  You’re ability to take credit means you honor the struggle encountered from experiencing a health challenge.  It’s a key moment in your life when you partner with your body instead of being at odds with our body.  If nothing else, take credit for that decision!


I've lived my life in service to others. I'm focused on mental health and how it impacts our relationships, culture, and society. Through creative expression and narrative I believe we can impact change.

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