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Healthcare Reform?

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The month of August has been crazy for the politicians as they reported back to their home districts touting the new healthcare plan.  They’ve been holding town meetings that have been anything but calm, in fact they’ve been down right chaotic.  It seems constituents believe that whoever yells the loudest will be heard.  Unfortunately, when people are coming from a place of emotion all logic gets thrown out the window and the message gets lost.

I get that the healthcare reform has to include everyone.  I also get that by providing the consumer with choices we may in fact curb costs because competition may get insurance companies to come up with new strategies for attracting and retaining consumers.  Are you noticing anything in all this talk about consumers?  They plans seem to be focused on the patient.   What about the caregiver?  Don’t our representatives understand that we’re not only talking about the cost to the insurers and the insured, but what about the cost of caregiving to corporations and employees who are paying big tax dollars into the federal government?  Who do they think is going to pay for healthcare reform if they aren’t going to add to the deficit or add taxes?  You, the caregiver, are carrying the cost with your tax dollars.

It’s time that we look at the needs of the patients/consumers with one big caveat, how does the caregiver fit into the equation?  I don’t usually get political in my sharings, but I couldn’t simply let the matter go without chiming in during such a critical time in our policy formation and social/moral obligations as human beings.  My hope is that you will look carefully as to how healthcare reform will impact your life as a caregiver.  We know it will reduce some stress such as financial stress if everyone is covered, but what about the emotional and spiritual impact of reform.

Please let your voice be heard.  It doesn’t matter where you fall on the continuum of the debate, just stand up, be heard, and participate.  Caregivers participate in the health and healing of their loved one, now it’s time to expand the scope of your participation.


I've lived my life in service to others. I'm focused on mental health and how it impacts our relationships, culture, and society. Through creative expression and narrative I believe we can impact change.

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