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Want to Play Twenty Questions?

In case you hadn’t noticed, we live in a consumer run culture.  We go  to great lengths to find the latest and greatest products and services that will make our lives better, more interesting, and full of beauty.  When’s the last time you went to buy a car, a large appliance, or big screen television?  The amount of time spent researching the product, test driving the car, getting the information from consumer reports and standing in stores watching screens, listening to speakers, and laying on mattresses in front of the world.  We ask questions as if we were going to marry the sales person, make a life long commitment to the product, or use the process as a measure of our self-worth.

So I have question for you?  Why aren’t you asking your medical team the same number of questions?  How is it possible that the moment you walk in the exam room you begin suffering from amnesia?  Things that were crucially important become an after thought, and discomfort and symptoms are not so bad or at most tolerable.  What if you asked your medical team, that includes pharmacists, the same number of questions you ask the car salesman? 

Isn’t your health worth the scrutiny of your medical team?  Are you less intimidated asking about mpgs’ than you are about nausea?  I could suggest that you begin thinking about your health challenge the way you think about a car, but that would probably be insulting.  To prevent me from doing this I hope you’ll begin giving your health and the journey to wellness the same energy you do to buying a large ticket purchase.  Can you think of anything more precious than your own life?  What lengths will you go to making your health a priority and making everyone aware of your priorities?  Are you ready to play twenty questions with your providers?  If not, then I hope you’ll refrain from buying a car, big screen tv, or kitchen appliance until you’re able to take the tenacity you have in buying these products and apply them to your health.  Let me know how it goes!


I've lived my life in service to others. I'm focused on mental health and how it impacts our relationships, culture, and society. Through creative expression and narrative I believe we can impact change.

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