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Fear…What’s It all About?

Ever wonder how fear came into the world?  It’s been around ever since living creatures inhabited the planet.  I believe some would even say that it was has propelled the genes of certain species forward; keeping them a presence on the planet.  Now think about living with a chronic or life-threatening illness and ask yourself, “What role does fear play in my life?”  I know it’s like answering the question “What’s the meaning of life”, but I believe you’ll come up with some smart and insightful answers.  Then ask yourself, “What does fear allow me not to do on my journey to wellness?”

I do believe that pop culture reflects back to us the questions that are on the minds of the masses.  Last week on “Grey’s Anatomy” a patient had what many thought was an inoperable, aggressive spinal tumor.  The patient wanted Dr. Shepherd to remove the tumor and after standing in surgery for ten hours he closed the patient without doing anything.  When the doctor spoke to the patient he told the patient he couldn’t do the surgery.  The patient, as if channeling Buddha or Gandhi said to Dr. Shepherd, “When you are frightened, become inspired!”

I have to tell you that sentence stopped me in my tracks.  It’s what Robert Fritz talks about in his book Creating.  Fritz says that creativity comes when the culmination of tension is resolved.  Something builds up inside us causing this eruptive sense of purpose and creativity to overcome the obstacles placed in our way.  In the “Grey’s Anatomy” scenario, Dr. Shepherd went home and had a surgical epiphany, drawing on the walls of the bedroom figuring out how the surgery could in fact be accomplished.

What inner tension will be resolved within you allowing for creative solutions to living with or overcoming your current health challenge?  How will you take your own drive and determination and use it as the keys to the kingdom that will provide you with hope on your journey to health and healing?


I've lived my life in service to others. I'm focused on mental health and how it impacts our relationships, culture, and society. Through creative expression and narrative I believe we can impact change.

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