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If Michael Phelps Said It, It Must be True!

We all remember the tremendous performance of Michael Phelps in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.  Every time you turned on the television or listened to the news we were hearing about another medal won by Phelps.  It was a momentous Olympics for the United States and certainly for Phelps.  Of course the big question is will he compete in the 2012 Olympics in London?  As far as anyone can tell he’s competing with the hopes of making the team in two years.

So what’s happening with his competitions of late?  According to news sources, Michael Phelps hasn’t shown to be the golden boy he did two years ago.  Lots of things change and we’re only at the start of the ramp up toward London, but what’s he thinking?  Then the out of the mouths of babes, or smart writing on the part of the journalists, it’s reported that Phelps feels he needs to, “rededicate himself to his training if he wants to regain his best form.”

That’s a powerful concept coming from someone so talented, athletic, and I’m assuming disciplined.  He’s making a vow to himself, and now the public that he needs to rededicate himself to achieve his goal.  Where does this come in to play for someone like you who has been diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening illness?  It means there are times when we may get a bit lax in our attention to our well-being on all fronts, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

If things are going well maybe we get a bit complacent, not to the point of sabotaging ourselves, but taking enough liberties where we’re not exuding optimal wellness.  Would you like an example?  I know individuals who are taking medications and are told by their doctor they shouldn’t drink.  Once they begin feeling better maybe they have an occasional drink without necessarily understanding all the possible consequences.  True, it’s a personal decision, but what would happen if this individual rededicated themselves to their wellness…would it make a difference?

I guess what I’m wondering is if we become loose with our health and healing intentions do we put ourselves at risk down-the-road?  How can you maximize your level of health and healing and how would you rededicate yourself to that mission?  I don’t know anyone who is faced with a health challenge who is super-vigilant in their health and healing regimen.  I know people who meditate every day who take a day off every so often and it’s not a bad thing until it becomes likely not to meditate than to meditate.  That’s when they need to rededicate themselves to their health and healing.

There are lots of ways to rededicate oneself.  The main thing to consider is how will you make this proclamation?  Who will you tell, just like the quote in the article about Michael Phelps recommitting himself to his training.  Don’t you think people will be keeping a closer eye on his actions to see if he keeps his word?  It’s a credibility issue and a health issue when facing a health challenge.

What would you like to proclaim?  Share it with us so that we can all rededicate ourselves together!!


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