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If Sarah Braverman Said It…It Must Be True

Welcome to Art and Healing Wednesday!!

I am continually astounded at the power of creativity.  Creativity is uplifting, life affirming, and definitely contagious (in a good way).  It reduces stress, improves decision-making and problem solving, and is just plain fun.  I don’t get to watch a lot of TV since I don’t have one here in San Antonio, but I can watch shows on the computer.  I’ve come to watch certain shows obviously for the story line, but also for the writing.  I’m intrigued at the thought process of the writers because they often write lines that are succinct and thought-provoking.

NBC’s “Parenthood” is in its second season.  One of the four children, Sarah Braverman, played by Lauren Graham (of the Gilmore Girls) is trying to find her place in the world.  She’s searching careers options.  One day she comes up with an idea that she gives to her brother, who works in a sneaker company and it’s a hit.  She’s praised for her creativity and decides she wants to explore this side of her world.  She asks her brother-in-law to build her a desk.  She says to him, “If I had a space to have ideas, maybe I would have more ideas.”

Isn’t that the most inspiring thing you’ve heard in a long time?  The idea that if we make room for something creative we can expand our possibilities.  We can cultivate an internal culture of growth.  It’s possible to create a domino effect in our body, mind, and soul for health and healing.  I want you to have more ideas.  I want you to find the opportunities to create and express yourself freely and openly.  When you begin to create you’ll find it becomes easier to create and the ideas will begin to spring up all around you.

I know that my own work changed considerably when I made one of the bedrooms in my home into a studio.  I’m a textile artist so I put a design wall about 8’x8′ so I can pin ideas to the board and get some perspective on what I’m creating.  I carry around my little notebook that I spoke about yesterday so I can capture inspiration anywhere and everywhere.  I have my camera in my backpack so it’s never far away.  I go through magazines looking for design possibilities.  I have different color pens in my backpack because writing in different colors opens the door to my heart and soul.  It provides a gateway for creativity.

Why is having “more ideas” important?  When you generate creative ideas you’re heart and soul is receptive.  You’ll experience less stress.   You’ll live a more authentic life because what you create will be real and honest, not something to please someone else.  You’re opportunity to create is only restricted by the committee in your head saying you can’t do it.  When you create and relieve stress, you allow the body’s natural healing capabilities to focus on getting better, instead of warding off emotions that don’t serve the greater good.

Take it from Sarah Braverman, find a place where you can create and let the health and healing begin!


I've lived my life in service to others. I'm focused on mental health and how it impacts our relationships, culture, and society. Through creative expression and narrative I believe we can impact change.

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