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Where’s My Writing Team?

Welcome to Art and Healing Wednesday!!

When you watch award shows and they give an award for Best Comedy Writing have you noticed how many people get the award?  For instance, when Jon Stewart inevitably wins the Emmy, his team is about 15 people.  We’d all like to think that he’s that funny all by himself, but the truth is it’s the collaboration that makes him funny (I’m sure his comical in a 1-0n-1 situation, you get the point).  Hollywood is loaded with rooms of writers who come together every week and build upon each other’s work to create the scripts we see acted on television and the movies.

I started thinking a lot about this when I was watching an episode of the re-invented, Hawaii Five-O.  One particular episode had the character Steve McGarrett in the car driving like a maniac with his sidekick Danno.  Danno is so frightened by how McGarrett is driving that he’s holding on to every possible handle inside the car out of fear.  McGarrett says, “Are you scared?”  Danno replies, “I’m not scared; I’m rationally concerned.”  Is that not the best line ever?  I’m “rationally concerned”.

I bring this up because when you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic or other life-altering illness being able to articulate your experience is helpful in creating solutions and developing a path to feeling better (remember I talk about the difference between feeling better and getting well).  It’s the creativity of the writers in the room that come up with these jewels of the spoken langauge.  Those little nuggets of juicy deliciousness that grabs us in our soul and lets us identify for a moment with that revelation?

So are you scared?  What does scared look and feel like?  Maybe like Danno, you’re rationally concerned?  If that’s the case, then how would that show up in your thoughts and actions?  You don’t have the luxury of having script writers who will orchestrate your life.  You can be inventive and be your own writing team.  You’d have to create a space to explore your emotions.  You’d need to be able to go deep within to excavate those nuggets that capture the essence of the body, mind, spirit connection. 

What would your writing team look like and what how would their script help you on your journey to feeling better?  Let me know…maybe there’s a sitcom, a television drama, or at least a  Lifetime Movie in it somewhere for you.


I've lived my life in service to others. I'm focused on mental health and how it impacts our relationships, culture, and society. Through creative expression and narrative I believe we can impact change.

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