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Would You Bet on You?

Yesterday was the Super Bowl and millions of Americans were together watching this American sports institution.  Aside from watching the game, many choose to place a little wager on the game for sport and the hopes of cashing in on their correct choice.  At work we were supposed to select a team and if we got it right, we’d get an “early out” (get to leave early on a late night shift).  I choose the Steelers and unfortunately, they didn’t win.

We bet because based on the information we believe we’re making the correct choice; the one that will give us the greatest satisfaction and the biggest reward.  So would you bet on you?  If you had to place a wager on  how “better” or “well” you’d be what would be the odds?  Now I know the doctor offered you a prognosis.  They do that mainly because you, the patient, push them to give you this magic number as if the number were the cure.  However, when if you were to place a wager on the Super Bowl or a horse race or any other event, how do you do it?

Many people when selecting their winner of choice base it on information.  If you’re sports minded you look at who’s on the team, when, where and who they’ve beaten throughout the season.  You may factor in the environment, like which arena is the game, and if you’re really into it you may look at who’s on the injured list and other scale tipping factoids.  At that point, you’re able to place your wager with confidence. 

When it comes to your health following the diagnosis of a chronic or other life-altering illness, what information do you need.  If you were betting on a sports team and you knew one team wasn’t practicing, had a lot of players injured, seemed uninterested in winning based on interviews, are they the team you’d pick.

That’s why I want to know if you’d bet on you.  If you were an outsider would you place your money on you to win.  I’m not even saying placing a bet on whether you’d be cured, it’s like the definition of success, everyone has their own personal definition.  On the other hand, if you’re not taking care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are you ready to compete?  Are you prepared for the trials and tribulations that come with a health challenge?  How’s your physical, spiritual, and emotional endurance? 

When you decided if you’d bet on you let me know the odds and what factors you took into account for your decision.  You can let me know by email at


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