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The Commodities Market

It’s funny that I’m going to speak about commodities this morning because I think that Buffalo’s biggest commodity is snow.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that as I write this post it’s snowing quite hard…I’m not amused.

We watch the finance reports mostly looking at the stock market.  Many people want to know how their 401k is doing or their other investments.  The majority of people don’t think about the commodities market because it’s not something most of us were exposed to during our limited financial education. 

There are commodities like sugar and coffee, but there are also perishable commodities, those things that once they pass can’t ever be reclaimed.  The one perishable commodity I learned about during my early stint in the hotel industry is time.  The general manager explained to me that hotel rooms are perishable commodities because once a room wasn’t sold today (2/12/11) it could never be sold on that day again.  No this isn’t “I Love Lucy” when she’s selling salad dressing and losing 3 cents a jar and says she’ll make it up on volume.

Once a moment passes in time it’s gone forever.  I bring this to your attention because we get upset when certain things happen.  At work last night we didn’t balance.  The cash draw was short and we don’t know where to look, but we can make more money.  I can’t recapture the time I spent when I got home worrying about it to relive those moments in a more joyful, playful, and relaxing space in my head.  I robbed myself of that precious commodity.

Before you were diagnosed with a chronic or other life-altering illness you had the assumption that you would live forever, or at least to a ripe old age, and you’d have plenty of time to do the things you want and visit with the people you love.  What are you waiting for?  There’s a saying that’s true, “On their death-bed no one ever wished they could have spent more time at work.”

How are you going to spend your precious perishable commodity?  How would you like to invest in yourself for greater physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being?  What will your return on investment when you deal with your own life’s commodities market?


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