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It’s A Miracle…A True Blue Spectacle

Over the past five years, since I went back to school, I’ve been studying pilgrimages that take place around the world.  The most famous is the Santiago de Compostela, but people have been drawn to pilgrimages for hope and healing for centuries.  We hear and read about people who go to Brazil for instantaneous healing from John of God. 

When someone is healed in that fashion we all say “it’s a miracle”.  I guess my follow-up question is “What’s a miracle?”  For those who have been diagnosed with a chronic or other life-altering illness the word miracle is strong, desired, wanted, sought after, prayed for, and humbled by. 

Thinking about miracles has pre-occupied my time for two days since I read my horoscope on Yahoo.  I’m not a horoscope follower, I just read it occasionally to see what the stars are planning for me as a Cancer.  However, every so often they write a line that catches me and makes me think (maybe a little too hard).

On Sunday, the 13th the horoscope said, “Before you can make miracles happen today, you have draw up the blueprints.”  I’d never really thought about laying the ground work for a miracle; always assumed they just happened.  I know the 12-step programs talk a lot about doing the footwork, so I’m guessing the two are aligned.

What type of blueprint would you need to draw up for a miracle?  First it depends on what type of miracle you’re hoping for and the impact it would/will have on your life.  I believe that’s why the pilgrimages were so important to the miracle process; they get people to plan, concentrate, and devote time, energy, and their soul to healing.  Lourdes is probably the most famous destination of healing pilgrimages, but there are others around the world.

It’s not like those who take the pilgrimage blink like in “I Dream of Jeannie” and their suddenly transported to the healing site and wait for the miracle to happen.  They plan the trip, then they make the trek to the destination thinking about their own healing or that of a family member too weak to travel throughout their travel.  They are consumed by the idea and hope that a miracle will happen to them.

If we put that much of our soul into the process will something always happen?  Will we get better or well?  How important is the effort we put into the miracle before it happens?  Is it like business where you think about the return in investment? 

What blueprints do you want to draw up today to make miracles happen?  Send me your blueprint…I’d love to be a part of the process.


I've lived my life in service to others. I'm focused on mental health and how it impacts our relationships, culture, and society. Through creative expression and narrative I believe we can impact change.

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