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Could Monster Jobs Have the Secret to Health and Healing?

I don’t like commercials, but I do like to see what’s coming out of the marketing departments of big companies.  I get a kick out of seeing how these advertisers find just the right hook to get you to buy their product.  For me, I find nuggets of wisdom in some of these ads, just like I did yesterday.

There’s was an ad in the paper by the online job finder website Monster.  The ad read in big bold letters, “You Don’t Really ‘Find’ a New Job” then the next line in smaller print, “You Identify, Evaluate, and Seize the Opportunity.”  Funny (not like Ha-Ha, but funny like bizarre) that a job finder has unlocked the key to health and healing, but many of us still take a back seat when it comes to our health.

Identify, Evaluate, and Seize the Opportunity, a simple three-step process that when followed would help you on your journey to getting better or getting well.  The identification is the seeking part of the health and healing pilgrimage.  You have to decide what it is that you want or need and then gather the information.  Evaluation is next because medicine is constantly changing and what may have been the standard of care five years ago is now obsolete (you may have to tell that to your doctor).  Seizing the opportunity is finding the ways or the resources to bring your work to fruition.  It means that you embody a sense of control over your own well-being.  It allows you to shift from victim thinking empowering your mind, body, and spirit to tackle the health challenges ahead of you.

When you’re going through this process, this health pilgrimage, it’s important to shift your personal statement from “What If” to “What Next”.  I can tell you that until you’re dead there’s always a “What Next”.  The “What Next” may not be what you want to hear like when the doctor tells you that all treatment avenues have been exhausted and the “What Next” is hospice/palliative care….but it IS the “what next”.  It means that reality has to be a part of the process in order for you to increase your quality of life whether you have 10 days to live or fifty years.

So Monster Jobs is right, “You Don’t Really ‘Find” Health…You Identify, Evaluate, and Seize the Opportunity”.  It helps people find jobs/careers, tell me how it works for finding health and healing.  Send me an e-mail with your story to


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