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What’s Your Vulnerability

It does seem that television is becoming inundated with reality shows.  If you watch the television line-up you want to start to believe that this is reality, but what most of us forget is that what you see on television is only what the producers want you to see.  Hours of footage is left on the cutting room floor because it doesn’t make for “good tv.”  So what show did we get a lesson from this week?

Fortunately for the Oxygen Network there is nothing on television on Sunday evenings, so I was watching “The Glee Project”.  As you may know, Glee has become a phenomenon for its high school antics and musical renditions performed by amazingly talented young people.  “The Glee Project” is auditioning 12 finalists and the winner will get a 7 episode run on the show.  So what you might ask?  I thought so too until I saw this weeks episode.  They have a weekly theme and this week was vulnerability.

For their song and video the contestants were to wear a sandwich board with a word that represents something that makes them vulnerable in their life.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that some of the contestants were disconnected from their vulnerable selves, but others dug deep and it tugged at your heart-strings.  Those of us with a chronic or life-threatening illness are vulnerable, but too many of us try to hide this vulnerability.  perhaps it’s the Darwinian theme of survival of the fittest and that showing vulnerability makes us prey to the vulchers around us.  However, the vulnerability makes us more human.  It opens our hearts to possibility.  It allows us to see the goodness in others by their showing of love and support.

What do you feel most vulnerable about?  How do you think it impacts how you walk in the world?  What is it that you want others to know about you so that they understand you and your life situation a bit better?  You are not your illness, your illness is a part of you, but how does it color your day-to-day life?  How have you learned to share your vulnerability with others?  I believe that support groups are great training grounds for sharing your vulnerability.  It’s a safe environment, with people who will understand and have compassion.

What sign would you wear for “The Glee Project” video, and what part does vulnerability play in your life?


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