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The Signs Are Everywhere…Are You Open to Them?

How many of us are waiting for a sign before we make a decision, jump into action, or change the course of your life? I think about the movie Under the Tuscan Sun when Diane Lane’s character wants to buy this run down house and she’s speaking with the old woman selling the house. The woman is very clear that she can’t sell the house because she’s waiting for the sign that the right buyer of the house is standing before her. As Lane’s character is leaving, a bird craps on her shoulder. Immediately, the old woman screams (in Italian), “that’s the sign”, and Lane’s character buys the house.

This idea of signs is intriguing to me because they are often found in the most unique ways. It’s not as if there’s a billboard on the side of the road that gives you the answer to an important issue or question your grappling with; it’s not that simple. For many, the sign doesn’t appear until there we surrender after a journey of inner darkness, inner denial, or inner doubt.

Earlier this week I mentioned David M. Howitt’s book Heed Your Call. After spending countless hours working at a corporate law firm, working long hours, feeling desperate to get out but no exit strategy Howitt’s sign appeared. He was working on a holiday weekend late into the night when he went to use the restroom. In the stall on top of the toilet tank was a tube of Preparation H, a product used to alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids; that was his sign. You may be laughing, as did I, at the moment of his epiphany, but he took it seriously and it was the springboard for him to propel to freedom.

Have you been asking yourself questions that don’t present with easy answers? Has your diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening illness or other trauma presented challenges that make you feel like you’re in a ditch with no clear-cut way to escape? Are you open to the signs that may present themselves at any given moment?

If you’ve had the experience of receiving a sign share it with us, let’s share our experiences as we build a vibrant health and healing community.

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