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What Would It Mean to Get a Second Chance

How many chances do we get in life? When we played games as a kid we used to call out for a “do over” when things didn’t go as planned. How do we claim our right to get a “do over”? Believe it or not, at least on the emotional and spiritual planes getting a “do over” is within your grasp. The “do over” is waiting for you to want it enough to call it forth and make itself known. On the physical level we may not always get well, and that takes elbow grease and a truce with the body.

I’ve told this story many times when I give talks to groups about the power of having a dialogue with the body. I was facilitating a support group for individuals with HIV/AIDS. I asked the group, “How do you make peace with your body that you may feel betrayed you?” One of the participants spoke up immediately. He had a developed a strategy that he believed was saving his life. He understood that every living thing wants to live, and a virus is a living thing. He said to the virus, “As long as I live, you live!” He felt he had a achieved a truce with the virus living inside of him.

The desire, need, or yearning for a “do over” means you are making a commitment to possibility. We can’t turn back the hands of time, but we can create new pathways to freedom allowing the body, mind, and spirit to explore new avenues for health and healing. (Just a note, the “do over” is not only for health challenges, but anything in your life that impacts you in a negative way)

A “do over” is about a renewal like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s about a new start. This is an opportunity for you to create with the palette of possibility. It’s a palette that is expansive. This “do over” is a gift and I hope you treat it as such. Fortunately, it’s a gift you can give yourself! You don’t have to wait for Christmas or your birthday, any day is a good day for a gift!

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