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Medicine is Not Separate From Money

If you live in the United States you’re well aware of the ongoing debate about healthcare.  There is talk about Universal healthcare but if we’re talking about socialized medicine I’m not sure the insurance companies would allow that to happen.  There is no doubt that those with insurance and those with premium insurance are getting more costly procedures.  This became even more apparent to me this weekend on news reports of Christina Applegate’s diagnosis of breast cancer.

First let me say that I’m thankful that Ms. Applegate’s cancer was detected early.  What confused me was the method of diagnosis.  The news agencies all report that Ms. Applegate’s cancer was detected by a routine MRI.  I’ve been in the medical field for a very long time and I can assure you there is no such thing as a routine MRI.  Insurance providers try and hold off on paying for such procedures.  There are other tests that would have been completed first that are less costly, unless you have big name doctors, a great insurance plan or are willing to pay for the test out-of-pocket.

I guess the real concern is where is the truth in the story.  If there was another problem they were looking for and that was what instigated the MRI then say so, but don’t call an MRI routine.  How many individuals are going to their doctors asking for a routine MRI just like Ms. Applegate.  News agencies are reporting what they’re told, but they don’t seem to be questioning the MRI as long as they got the story about the cancer…isn’t that suspicious?

This is the reason that many need to have an advocate who will serve to empower you when going through a health challenge because unequal medical care results in death.  What will you do to request and if denied then demand certain procedures?  Are you willing to use your voice to get the healthcare you need?  I’d love to hear how you advocated for medical care of any kind?  Be an inspiration for the rest of the world!


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