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Psychic Abilities

We’ve all heard of people who have “a gift”.  That “gift” is the unique ability to tune in to one’s intuition at a higher frequency than the general population.  Often these individuals call themselves psychics, intuitive readers, and metaphysical channelers, just to name a few.  The amazing thing is that they aren’t unique or special in any other way than they cultivated their gifts.  They tuned in to their inner life and discovered that by acknowledging the gift and working to make the messages, the frequencies, and the volume louder they could have deeper understandings and insights into life’s mysteries.

Is it possible for you to become psychic?  Well what if you weren’t psychic but you simply paid more attention to your life?  I’m not talking about the typical things like are you hot or cold, but more important things like when you’re body or your emotions try and give you guidance…would that be important to you?

When facing a chronic or life-threatening illness every opportunity that leads to personal understanding becomes another foot soldier in your battle for health and healing.  It’s your secret weapon in wrestling your illness to the ground; kind of take no prisoners approach to wellness.  Your ability to pay attention will catch the attention of others because they will assume you’re psychic when actually you’re a finely tuned instrument that accepts, acknowledges and makes decisions based on your deepest intuitions.  It’s a gift that can’t be denied so don’t deny it…cultivate it!

Developing your “psychic” abilities or your highly sophisticated inner radar system, you engage in a dialogue between mind, body, and spirit.  You provide your cells with the spiritual energy to fortify itself while focusing on your healing process.  This practice gives you the knowledge that so many are looking for, that “secret” to health and healing that many believe to be out of arms length but sits nestled in your heart and soul.

This is one more arena where a bit of spiritual elbow grease is required.  Paying attention takes work because we’re a culture that lives on perfecting distraction.  Developing the capacity to sit with uncertainty, emotional pain, and maybe even a bit of discomfort is at the forefront of your “psychic” adventure.  Allow yourself to grow into your spiritual paws and allow the healing to begin!


I've lived my life in service to others. I'm focused on mental health and how it impacts our relationships, culture, and society. Through creative expression and narrative I believe we can impact change.

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